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Luxury Homes near the Beach

Luxury Homes in Hilton Head are price driven based upon distance to the beach, if the homes are the same size, age and quality, the closer to the beach, normally, the higher the price. Oceanfront homes in Hilton Head are the highest priced homes on the Island. Second row homes are lower in price than oceanfront, third row are less and so on. Homes near the ocean are normally anywhere from the second row to the twelve row on the Island. All of them have access to the ocean and are only minutes or seconds away from the beach. Homes near the ocean can range normally from the old beach house around $700,000 to multi-million dollar newer luxury homes.

Sea Pines Plantation is the premium location to buy a home near the beach. The rentals in Sea Pines are high with some homes generating over $100,000 per year in rentals. Sea Pines is still the number one selling community on the Island, so homes near the ocean historically sell quickly. Second row homes can run over $2 Million while the homes a little farther away can be as affordable as around $700,000. Sea Pines owners enjoy bike paths, golf courses, tennis courts and the restaurants at Harbourtown or South Beach Marina. World class beaches are easy to walk and bike with the waves normally very comfortable to swim and play.

Forest Beach area has homes near the ocean that are the most affordable in the area because this area is not in a gated community. Prices hear can range from $400,000 to over $3 Million for oceanfront. You can still find an old beach house near the ocean for under $500,000. Nice rentals for the luxury homes are generated if you work with the right rental company.

Palmetto Dunes is a gated community with golf courses, tennis courts and two major hotels in the Marriott Oceanfront Resort and the Omni Hotel. With all the amenities in Palmetto Dunes, owners enjoy great rentals and wonderful beaches. Prices for homes near the ocean are just under the Sea Pines prices, but higher than Forest Beach for comparable homes.

Singleton Beach and Bradley Beach enjoy some of the newest homes on the Island close to the beach. Many homes are built in the last ten years with private pools and generate great rentals because they are newer homes. Most homes near the ocean will range from $500,000 to over $2 Million if they have views of the ocean.

Port Royal homes near the ocean are the only homes in Hilton Head that do not allow short term rentals. Many residences enjoy the fact that the traffic is held to a minimum during the prime season and beaches are not overcrowded with vacationers. Port Royal has three golf courses, bike paths, tennis courts and an oceanfront pool. Prices near the ocean will range from $500,000 to over $1.5 Million for luxury homes near the beach.

Luxury Homes near the beach in Hilton Head provide great rentals and resale because of their location. Hilton Head offers old beach cottages to prime new luxury estates near the ocean, the choice is yours. Please go to to book a vacation home near the ocean. Call us today to see any of the homes near the ocean if you would like to own a great home near the beach in Hilton Head Island.